1. Can I translate these extensions into other languages like Spanish, Chinese..?

Yes, post your question on our forum so developer team can help to indicate where to update or change the languages to suite your need. Almost all CMS support international languages, please find your languages packages for Virtuemart and for Joomla here.

2. Does this Extension compatible with latest CMS version?

It depends on the product itself; please check carefully the version change logs and version compatible on product detail pages to know which CMS version is compatible. You can also send email directly to the seller to ask about this information before purchasing.

3. Can I customize products to suite my need?

Yes. You can modify the product at your discretion for your own web-sites. However, you can’t resell or place the modified extensions (as whole) for downloads on your websites.

4. I did the payment, while I have not received the download link?

The download link always is automatically sent to your payment email within 5 minutes after the payment is done. Please check your inbox, open your confirmation email and there is your own product download link.

You can also check the Download menu in your Profile Cpanel on Cmsmart to see the download link

5. How long can I download the updated product?

We have the policy to ensure your success with the products is life time update and upgrade the purchased product, so you can download, update and upgrade the product over 10 years.

6. How do i find if my product has been updated or a new version is released?

Visit the product page and you can check the status of updates and version release. Remember, you will have to check for each of the extension used on your site manually.

In the download section on your Cpanel Profile, there is also a version change logs which will tell you what is the latest version and its update date so you can compare with your current installed version.

7. I do not have a Paypal account. Do you support other payment methods?

Yes! You should know that Paypal supports including all major types of Credit cards. Visit Paypal for more information. So you still can pay via Paypal with your credit card or E-check. We also support Credit Card payment via Onepay.vn and Skrill.

8. Do you have refundable policy?

Yes, we have refund policy here. You can contact us for your special refund case.

9. Can I install our products on multiple domains?

It depends on the domain license support that you purchase.

10. How the product is pricing?

On Cmsmart Market, items are generally priced during the review process against factors such as quality, aesthetic design, technological trends, complexity, potential demand, competitive market factors. Therefore, Price is determined by Cmsmart Account Manager, not by the seller but he will give the suggested price for the item and we also considering this factor in pricing process.

The Price is always included the support fee already. Pricing for extensions is always high to compensate for the support which often a part of product experiment. Buyer should not expect low price item as sometimes it does not always cater for a high quality and excellent support services. Price has its own value to tell.

Some product is on Promotion period put by its seller and on that time, you should buy with the best price.

Combo product is always 30% lower price but not include the installation fee. So you can pay an installation services fee if you need the seller support on this stage.

If you’re concerned with the list price of an approved item, you can contact Support, who will re-evaluate the item price and assess whether it requires adjustment.

11. What is the difference between support and customization?

If you cannot install the product or configure the product functions as described clearly in the product description or product user guide, then you can ask for support from the seller

However, if you want to have your own modification on your website, or request a new feature which you think the product should have, then this is a subject of customization. You cannot request the sellers to do it for you without his acceptance. Almost the solution in this case is to do it yourself, to hire the seller to do for you, or to hire a freelancer to do.

Sellers are not required to provide customizations as part of the purchase, but if you would like to enquire if you are able to commission a Seller to provide customization for you then you can contact the Seller privately via the contact form on their profile page.

What if there is actually something wrong with the item?

If the item is malfunctioning or not as described on the item page you can check out our refund guidelines for more information.

Make sure you have checked the item description (the text under the item preview) and specs for what it's intended to do first.

12. How do I give feedback on items?

Review & Rating the products is always the most effective way to give feedback and you can do it easily on Cmsmart Marketplace.

Inside the Download section of your purchase, each product has a link for review & rating and you can only do review and rating 1 time and cannot repeat.

You can also come directly to the product detail page to give review and rating. Please understand that we have a strictly process to ensure the review and rating is legitimate and will not published any inappropriate reviews. Any attempt to give a fake review and rating can be lead to your account penalty.

Please do not use this review to ask question about the products.

We are developing the Pre-sale question & Comment feature for each product on Cmsmart Marketplace.

13. I have purchased an item twice by mistake, what can I do?

Mistakes happen to the best of us! If you have accidentally purchased an item twice, please contact support with the details of your double purchase. We will then check our server logs for verification and credit your account as appropriate.

Note: if we credit your account, all license benefits associated with the secondary purchase are null and void.

14. Can I re-download items?

You can always download the purchased items for life time as it still for sales status on the Cmsmart Marketplace. Please come to the Download section to immediately download the products right after payment.

However it is important to remember that when an item is removed from the Market sites, it will be removed from your Downloads page as well. We offer the download page as a convenience for buyers, but we can make no guarantees as to the ongoing availability of the files you have purchased.

15. What should I do if I'm having trouble downloading a file?

Sometimes you cannot download the purchased files, however do not worry about that below can be your solutions:

  • Clear your web browser's cache. Here's how to do it with Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  • Check if you have any firewall or anti-virus software running which might prevent a successful download.
  • If you're using a wireless connection, plug your computer directly into the router/broadband modem.
  • Try downloading the file again using an alternate browser or computer.
  • Check your router to see if you have any content filtering enabled and temporarily disable it.
  • Check with your ISP to make sure that you haven't exceeded any download limits.
  • Try downloading the item via a proxy or a VPN service.

Also note that Cmsmart recommends against the use of download managers to download your purchased files from the Cmsmart Marketplace sites. You can read more about this here.

If you still can't download the file you've purchased please contact support for assistance. Please include the item name (or a link to the item) and your Cmsmart Market username under which it was purchased.

16. Why can't I download a file I bought previously?

On Cmsmart Market, files can be removed for download for a number of reasons, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • The seller may have decided to delete the file from our system.
  • The file may have been disabled due to a problem with it, and could be re-activated again after the problem is fixed and the Seller has updated it.
  • We may have received a copyright complaint about the item.

Unfortunately when a file is removed or deleted from our system we cannot continue to offer it as a download for customers who have already purchased the item. It is important to note that Cmsmart does not make guarantees as to the ongoing availability of files following initial download for these reasons.

This is why we strongly encourage users to download their files immediately after purchase and to store the originals in a safe place for future access. If you're having problems with a file which is no longer available for download then see below if you are eligible for a refund.

17. A file I wanted to purchase is no longer available. What happened?

Items are occasionally removed by the item's seller or Cmsmart staff. This can be for many reasons. A Seller may decide they no longer want to sell the item, or an issue may be discovered with the item that warrants its removal.

Am I eligible for a refund?

Cmsmart does have a refund policy surrounding removed files, and we will gladly honor it provided that one of the following two criteria is met:

  • The file was removed within five days of your initial purchase.
  • You have never downloaded the file.

As always, if the file does not work as described, is corrupt or contains bugs and we can verify this, we will offer a full refund of the purchase cost. To submit a refund claim, please contact Support. Do so only if you meet the above criteria.

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