Magento Frequently Bought Together Extension

When customers buy a product on your site, they often add the product to cart and checkout. If they want to buy some related items with the main product, they need to tick the boxes before hitting “add to cart” button. This process takes so much manipulation and quite unconvinced as they don’t instantly know how much the total is and decided if they can afford their purchase. However, the default procedure only allows them to update products or change cart on the checkout page without discounts for a group.

Therefore, cross-selling has become the most useful tool of suggesting customer buying related products, especially it is the most favorite way used by online store owners. Such proposals not only helps to attract customers to keep browsing your other available products that increase conversion rate but it also encourage customers to buy product although they don’t really need it.

So this is exactly where Magento Frequently Bought together comes into play. It allows you to display a bunch of related products such as upsell or cross selling, the same type products to increase conversion.Each bundle will include the main product and related items, price for each item, the total price with discount when buy this bundle. You can use natural customer behavior and encourage customers to buy your products based on the list of cross selling products; at the same time, you are able to increase customer’s satisfaction by suggesting related items to enhance the product and increase sales.

If you want to know more about the benefits that Magento Frequently Bought Together can bring, here is the list of the most outstanding features

  • Customers can choose products’ options in a group. Use easily in frontend. Customer just clicks on the “Add to cart” button to get group of products instantly. They just have to choose once to update all products if products in a group have the same options without going to each product page to choose options.
  • Simple install and configure at admin panel. With this extension, admin don’t need technical knowledge, just one click to install for their website. At admin panel they can make their own style with simple way.
  • Admin can enable or disable promotion product. Admin just goes to promotion bundle at admin panel to enable or disable production product as they want.
  • Easy edit, delete group bundle. Admin can manage promotion bundle in a separate tab with some easy manipulations.
  • Easily change discount cost, select product add to bundle from admin panel. Admins goes to group information in add promotion at admin panel to change discount with price that they want
  • Discount types. Admin can choose what kind of discount that they want for customers. We support 2 types: Percent or Price to help you dragging your customers
  • Easily choose many groups from admin panel. Admin can click on product group page in admin panel to choose many groups as image show below
  • Different products in a group. Shop owners can choose any kind of product for a group/bundle to show for their customers. It means they can do whatever to dragging their customers

They are just some main features of Magento Frequently Bought Together. Besides, it has many others features such as: user-friendly, group information includes group title, group discounts and products selection, add promotion products to the main product, add unlimited group to the main product, etc.

Order page in Admin

Hello. Could you please show me a screenshot of the order page in Magento Admin, so, Sales -> Orders -> Order with "frequently bought together" products. I would like to see the "Items Ordered" row on the order page. Can you please show it? thank you

We were searching for a frequently bought together module and we have leaned above yours in the end.

We just have a couple of questions regarding some functionality aspects:

1. Will this product work for simple products, not visible individually, which are used in creating grouped products? We would like to know that, since most of the shop consists of grouped products.

To make it as clear as I can, I'll give you a random example:

We are selling shirts and hats. We have a grouped product named "shirts", which contains several simple products, not visible individually: red shirt, yellow shirt, blue shirt. We also have a grouped product named "hats" which contains several simple products, not visible individually: red hat, blue hat, yellow hat.

We want to create a bundle product which consists of a blue had and a red shirt.

2. Does this issue still occur, or have you managed to fix it? -> http://i.imgur.com/vqrG0zl.png

3. Is the "bought together" section displayed only on simple products pages, or can it be displayed on grouped products pages also?

4. Do you offer the a refund (money back) option if after installing and testing the extension on our project we realize it doesn't suit our needs?

Thank you for your time,
Vlad Pop

Presale questions


Backend demo doen't work Here is the video https://youtu.be/fXpBkJcZ-uk

Is extension still supported? Updates were more than year ago.

Will it work with grouped product with select box for choosing exact SKU?

Does extencsion create Cart Price Rule for every product with promotion product?

Admin panel

Do you have a demo of the admin panel for this extension?
Thank you
Good day.

Could you please inform some doubts about the extension before our purchase ?
Does it work with Magento version ?
It is possible to fully translate back end and front end ?
Is it possible to add the promotions on home page ?
Is it possible to add a button for each product to be added to cart individually ?

We'll be looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,
Igor Souza
Yako Order page in Admin
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Rybray Presale questions
6 replies, last by Janet
Mage Pro Admin panel
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Igor Souza Compatibility, translation and doubts
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