Magento General Topics

Do you own a website built on the Magento eCommerce platform? Are you totally satisfied with it? In most of the cases, providing full strong features needed for a website is never enough, you still need to spend time and effort to optimize them, investigate to offer the best UX and UI. From building a website to making everyone loves it is a long journey and through this post, I will provide you 6 most time-tested tips on how to turn you unknown Magento website into a really hot website:

  1. Earn traffic through content

Recently, content is always the king and to get organic traffic through the search engine and to stay relevant to the traffic you need to publish contents on a regular basis. How can you create interesting content? Let’s see:

  • Only create and post relevant and unique contents. You should forget all the content that already has been discussed several times on the web. Besides publishing relevant content, you should provide more new points about issues or some different opinions about it.

  • Providing useful information rather than just keyword cramming. You had better provide contents that explain things in depth and opens up new grounds of discussion. Of course, you still need to add keyword but never too much.

  • Use some elements like graphics, different fonts, infographics to make content more interesting.

  • Use quality and performing links. Say no to broken links that confuse or misguide users.

  1. Utilize Reviews and testimonial

Reviews are also a kind of content that is generated by customers and they are more trustworthy than any introduction you post in your product detail page. Why? Because reviews on products, brands, and merchants show real experience of former customers with your products and services, they would be more subjective. Magento platform provides product reviews feature that can be utilized by asking the users to post reviews and rate products whenever they buy something.

  1. Taking advantages of social media

In the era when the Internet dominates our world, social media, obviously, becomes a fertile plan for marketers and plays an important role in expanding customer segmentation. You can connect your customers and stay in touch with them through social media with some following tips:

  • Add a Share button in all product pages and with contents.

  • Focus on not more than 4 social platforms. Facebook and Twitter might be the most popular but depend on a different target, you can choose other channels such as Pinterest for women-centric and visual contents, Linkedin for purely visual contents Instagram is ideal.

  • Add videos, images, and typographies to drive engagement.

  1. Utilize Loyalty Features

In long-term development of a business, it seems that the consistent growth rate is more important than getting an occasional surge of traffic. And you can only achieve if you can establish brand loyalty based on trustworthy and customer satisfaction. Magento platform provides several features can enhancing customer loyalty such as a reward point system or a referral program. You can give customers some money or points for the next purchases. It will encourage many customers to return to the store inquiring about the accumulated points. That is so good!

If you have ever worked in any kind of online retail you might comprehend that online trading brings everyone the convenience but customers can not touch or try products on until it is shipped to their home. So, a web store should be created much like a physical store with engaging, beautiful, and user-friendly layout. There is no certain the industry standards for merchants to succeed but there are some basic factors that will set the first brick for the success of your website. Let’s read this article:

  1. Killer homepage design

Homepage is where you can showcase your brand, your best product, promotion program, that’s where you can win your clients. With online industry, people are about judging the book by its cover. Therefore, let design a homepage that pleases customers’ eyes. You can check the website of the giants, learn from them, I don’t mean you copy. Read more document about the design website, I bet you will get some great ideas. Don’t forget to use high-resolution images across the site, bring customers the real feeling.

  1. Instinctive Navigation

Navigation is one of the biggest factors that will decide your conversion rate will increase or go down. The surveys revealed that about 70% customers will stay longer if your navigation is convenient.

Navigation is considered as a filter of the website. When you create broken down product categories into logical subcategories so customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for like this:

Cmsmart >> Magento extension >> Magento one step checkout extension

You can use Magento mega menu to create better navigation for your site, organize menu in horizontal or vertical. Moreover, if you want to hide price with Magento Call for price extension, make sure that CTA navigate to proper site.

  1. Smart search bar

Navigation will direct customers to a category but it cannot immediately direct you to a specific product cause dividing each product into a separate category seems too crazy. So, that’s why we need search bar. Moreover, with customers who already know about product, they can search by name or product code, much faster. So, Search function also serves as a great starting point for knowledgeable users who know what they are looking for and what specifications they have in mind for their product. Generally, Magento store uses Magento ajax search suggestion autocomplete to optimize their search bar. Be careful about the size of the bar. It should be large enough to enter longer queries involving product specification and filters.

  1. Simple checkout

Another reason for cart abandonment rather than slow loading speed or unclear search bar is a complicated checkout process. Always keep remembering to make the checkout process as simple as possible with minimal fields, only require the most essential information that you need. All in one page is the best, and you can create a simple checkout process with Magento one step checkout extension. Some fields like address can be filled automatically thanks to Geo IP technology. The best practice for an optimized checkout process is that it is free from any distractions (no pop-up ads, banners, site navigation bar etc.) and allows a user to complete the transaction with ease.

Magento printing website themes is number one theme in printing market that increase profits of customers immediately from moving their old site to print shop or create a new one with this theme.This is the best Printshop templates on the market and we have been developing it for 4 years with almost full features that you want; however, in order to run a successful business, especially for big Printing Corporation, you should study more about the Magento extensions that will strengthen your printing website. Here we go:

Magento Price Matrix Extension

Magento Price Matrix Extension is able to work as an automatically flexible calculator which helps users show up the final price results together from grouped attributes of product with limited quantity in backend to meet customer’s best choice. This Magento extension allows users to remove or create new options if needed. While creating new attributes users can add more rows if lacking in price matrix table. Especially, price matrix table can be changed color for its the background and text in configuration system, or change delimiter by users if wanted. The extension can be used with all types of products like simple product, configurable product, virtual product, etc.

In frontend, customers are able to see grouped different prices in attributes of each product on price matrix table .It is easy for them to choose any suitable option included with attribute preview information, then they just enter quantity before adding to cart for checking out.

Magento Order Upload extension

Many Magento website owners want to let their shoppers upload files or bind images directly into the product detail page, or upload different images into different products before "add to cart". Magento Order Upload extension is often used on printing company websites which allows clients to upload images or their designs if they want to place orders for printing services. This extension is a web-to-print solution built in Magento platform.

Some outstanding features:

  • Uploading files directly on the product details page
  • Supporting multiple files types
  • Uploading multiple files at the same time
  • Deleting/canceling files during upload process
  • Displaying uploaded files in the confirmed order email
  • Files are managed inside Order Management admin panel
  • Setting the width and height of the flash upload window.
  • Many more…

Magento Online Product Designer extension

Premium Magento Online Product Designer extension is the powerful tool for customizing T-shirt, Business cards, Smartphone & tablet cases, Pillows...There are hundreds reasons to buy this Magento extension with purpose that is to upgrade your site and your customer shopping experience as well.

For web owner: it is so easy to integrate into Magento platform. You can manage font, text, image simply but very special for your customers to design on their own, give them a to z printing solution

For client: With people who have a little knowledge on design they also can create or custom the design base on web sample design quickly. Just one click to add artwork, text or images and custom this design as they want.

There is undeniable fact that among a lot of ecommerce platforms available on the market, Magento seems to be the most popular, or in other words, Magento is the king with the market share of nearly 20% of total because this platform comes with some great functionalities and variety of unique and exciting features. To create an effective ecommerce store, besides optimizing the features, the prerequisite for you is attracting customers attentions and keeping them stay at your site as long as possible with impressive Magento themes. There are thousands Magento themes available on the Internet, all you need is just click and check to find the most suitable one. However, making choice is still not a simple task. But don't worry, in this article, we provide you 8 criteria that we highly recommend you to apply for your Magento Themes selection process.

  1. Visually Appealing Theme:

Theme for a website is also like the appearance of a person, so visual should be the first concern while selecting the Magento themes. Only when you can create good impression to customers, is the chance of increasing your sale volume higher.

  1. Supporting Cross browser

It is also the one of the most important aspects to look for and consider when selecting Magento themes for your online business. The successful business owners all highly recommend the freshmen to choose Magento themes that offer complete performance irrespective of browser that end user are using to access your store.

  1. Responsive Theme Design:

Do you realize that in recent years, the number of smart device users has been far beyond the number of desktop users? It means that the sale volume from smart device users maybe larger than the other. Therefore, we suggest that you should choose the theme that is easily accessible into all the mobile devices, or we call responsive themes. These themes will bring you great opportunity to reach to wider audience, take a pie in the profit cake from smart device users.

  1. SEO Friendly Theme

Despite of whatever you do, if you are working online, never ignore the giant Google. Google will relate to your website ranking, if it could be found by Internet users or not. Magento themes offers search engine optimization friendly environment. Make sure that the theme you choose will include SEO friendly features that will help you get the better reorganization in the search engines.

  1. Inbuilt support for the blog:

Blogs have become an essential part of any website because you need to add fresh content to get higher ranking in the search engines. Thus, don’t forget looking for the Magento theme providing inbuilt blog support for your online business website.

  1. Provision for Banners & Slides:

When choosing Magento themes, you should spend more time on considering about provision for Promotional banners and slides. Besides eye-catching and informative factors, make sure that your chosen theme should support the feature of provision for Banners &Slidesthat can enhance marketing prospects for your ecommerce store.

  1. Balanced colors:

There are unlimited customized color themes available to you, but not all of them all appear with appealing visual. Let’s spend some time to select a color combination for your Magento theme that looks modern, elegant and attractive.

  1. Supporting for social media:

Note: never forget social media! Why? It is virtual world but brings real profit. We have variety of social channels such as Youtube, Facebook, twitter, etc. They are all promotional tools for businesses. So, your chosen Magento themes should allow you to include easy support those social media platforms.

Do you know what is the most loved eCommerce platform among a lot of ecommerce open source? Do you know what enjoys a collective 20% market share? The answer is absolutely Magento. And it is predicted that in the next few years, it may exceed the number of 20% rapidly due to the huge demands for premium Magento 2 extensions.

One thing we want to note that the default Magento 2 itself offers adequate great features but when you use Magento 2 extensions, they will allow you to deal with all problems related to UX, make it better to satisfy your visitors needs. Before you decide to apply Magento 2 extensions for your site, there are some tips we suggest you to take over look and keep in mind:

Embracing Magento2, why?

The reason why Magento 1.x is preferred and become so popular is in the versatility and flexibility it brings to users; however, nothing is perfect and Magento 1.x is not exceptional. After a time of using, users had pointed out some drawbacks such as lack of administrative tools or slow loading speed. So, let’s look over and talk about Magento 2.x to study about features and capabilities.

It can be said that default Magento 2 is the better platform in comparison to previous version because it enables users to handle many catalog pages smoothly without affecting the website speed. Users will gain higher level of competitive advantage rather than other existing platforms like Woocommerce or Shopify (faster rougly 20%, equal to 1 – 2 seconds). Moreover, Magento 2 will bring you powerful admin interface, intuitive checkout process, mobile-friendly and many more.

So, that is the overview about how Magento 2 is better than other platforms, in the next step, we will summarize about some tips, about how to choose suitable Magento 2 eCommerce extensions for your business.

Identifying your purpose

Determine why you need extensions. Only when you can answer this question, will you identify a certain functionality you need for your online shops. Sometimes, choice is not just one; you may have more than one extension with the same functionality to your store. Don’t worry, let’s investigate deeper, and zoom in to find out which one will fulfill all your needs.

Trusted Provider for Magento 2 Extensions

Here are some tips for choosing right providers among hundreds or even thousands extension providers

  • Checking Updates Frequency: Extensions belong to service or intangible assets and they are never fixed, they should be updated frequently. The update includes updating changelog, fixing bugs, the developers who usually update their products will be the one you can trust. Although most of Magento 2 extensions are relatively new, you can still make a comparison to provider’s previous versions.
  • Reading online reviews: Of course, when you decide to choose any provider, you will reach out that vendors, talk with them, discuss about your requirements. However, that is not enough, let's see the experience of customers who used it before. You can search that review on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Real experience in those reviews will make you feel more confident about your choice. Critical elements to look out for should be privacy policy, customer policy.
  • Looking for refund policy: Don't waste your money, so let's  make sure the paid Premium Magento 2 Extensions can satisfy all your requirements. The providers should show that they will be responsible for their products with a money back guarantee.
  • Looking for demo: Demo gives you chance to enjoy the product before deciding whether to buy or not. It will be best if you can test both frontend and backend aspect of the demo. The extension should be easy to setup and runs smooth to breathe life to your Magento 2 store.

When we talk about M-commerce, I believe that most people will think about shopping with mobile devices because nearly everyone carries at least one mobile phone in their pockets. When people can make purchases on a variety of devices, it also means that e-commerce web owners can expand their reach, increase sale opportunities. So why M-ecommerce becomes so popular? The desktop can help people buy anything online instead of displacing themselves to buy items at the store, mobile devices can do more than that thanks to its mobility. We can shop anytime and anywhere, just a phone or tablet, we already could make the purchase. We can bring phones to anywhere but of course, we can’t do that with desktop.

One more interesting benefit for business owners is you can reach customers via social network and then attract to your site. For example, visitors find your company on Facebook, just one click, they can come to your website and take a look.

5 significant advantages of Magento mobile optimization

  1. Magento 2 Mobile Experience

No matter what you do, the most important mission is still optimizing customers experience as much as possible. Whenever they come to your site, you should make them feel that they find the right provider and they want to stay longer to check more about your products and services. And, when they finish purchasing, they will feel to come back your website over and over.

  1. Omnichannel Experience

Magento allows you to optimize an omnichannel experience to ensure your customers are satisfied. You can use Magento to keep track of the inventory of your physical store and in your warehouse with the same dashboard. The more interesting thing is you can connect multiple social media sites to your store such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube. That’s a good chance to expand your reach and have your followers buy the products they want with more ease. So it will be more convenient for your customers because instead of searching on Google, they just need to click on a link and be brought right to you.

  1. POS Mobile Version

In short, point sale system (POS) can be explained as the moment when a customer buys a product from your company. It will manage all transactions of your company very detailed and ensures that all of your sales go smoothly. The major benefit of having a POS system is that all of your inventory is located in the same place.

  1. Admin panel

You will be surprised if you see how Magento 2 admin panel is different from Magento 1 version. Many Magento 1 users found that it is quite difficult to create a website without developers because customizing sites required more coding on their end than Magento 2. Therefore, with Magento 2 version, everything becomes much easier.

  1. Mobile Marketing Features
  • You can create separate customer segmentation depending on the age, gender, history, and location so it will be much easier to provide suitable offers and focus on what each customer segmentation are interested in.
  • Set your promotions with certain limitations or conditions. For example, you set timeframes to provide offers, it will really effective in encouraging customers to make the purchase.
  • Merchants have the opportunity to customize their site on their own with Magento 2 because they have a drag-and-drop option that allows them to place items where they want.

When our interactions via Internet are no longer confined within the big and heavy computers and people seem to use smart devices, designers tend to focus more on UX even rather than UI that can be considered as an important part in creating mobile-friendly designs. In some aspect, UX is the thing that spans beyond the boundaries of graphics and aesthetics. Moreover, even when you own a website with appealing, user-friendly, unique, and functional desktop version, you still lose your competitive advantages if you do not consider the mobile experience. Customers are usually the smartest and fairest assessors, your site will be underestimated a lot if it limits the access from other devices. Don’t worry! Here are some best practices for you to improve:

  1. Do not dismiss Mobile-First

If you decide to put more effort into mobile UX, a great idea suggested is forgetting the tradition and following the “mobile first” strategy. Your effort will be rewarded because it is assumed that there are 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide and these numbers seem to increase continuously in the coming years. Despite applying for mobile, you should keep in mind to make the design simple, clean and sophisticated.

  1. Creating fluid layouts

Fluid layouts can save you from the problems of picking and choosing which possible screen sizes you’ll design for and creating the seamless adaptation all of them. Fluid layouts work base on percentages rather than definite measurements.

  1. Aiming for functionality

In short, functionality is having things done and achieved the goals easily in a short time with some great tools such as nearest store locations, product search, product reviews, or currency converters. You can look at the website of Purina to see how well they deal with “functions”

  1. Identifying your users

Accomplishing in every trade seem to be the impossible mission, you had better follow these step. Firstly, seek your users. Secondly, list their typical web browsing behavior. Thirdly, find out the reason that encourages them to stick. But one thing you should consider is there are two major types of web browsing are the people browsing with and without goals, and each type should be treated with different “functions”

  1. Looking up the developers’ libraries and guidelines

These resources will offer you the real knowledge and close look about the platform you will be using. Whichever the case, some key components of brand or “signatures” should remain.

  1. Making all contents available to all users

Sometimes, customers feel annoyed because some designers hide a part of their contents from mobile users. Or in some case, the mobile layout does not have enough space for huge contents, have you ever thought that this fact is really unfair to mobile users? These wrong approaches can make you lose a lot of potential customers. One solution for you is simplifying the layout to the extreme, moving some content to other screens to reduce clutter or trying to organize it all better.

  1. Designing for touch

With smart design, finger touches are replacing for precision-friendly mouse pointers. Therefore, your design should be changed to adapt as well. A successful task should not require users to pinch too much or zoom in to tap on something, fill out a form or tap on a button.

  1. Using compression tools

You can find script compressors such as HTML compressor or Gzip compression you can see it automatically remove unnecessary comments, white space, or code. CSS minifier, CSS compressor, and some other tools will enable you to concatenate CSS code as well as improve performance. Moreover, Image compression can reduce the size of your .jpeg and .png files but still keep the quality.

Magento is powerful ecommerce platform that can address your business needs in a real-time environment. However, it doesn't mean that when you use a Magento theme to build website, it will be immediately perfect. There are still some aspects you need to optimize and this article will provide you 5 useful hacks:

  1. Participate in social channels

Over the last decade, we can observe how quickly social media has been building its own empire among people. Facebook or Instagram is the most typical example of how social media can do a great job in terms of influence, purchase decision, comparison and others. According to the report of Smartinsights, until Jan 2018, the sale revenue earned from social media users was 3.196 billion, increased 4 % year-on-year.

So, this figure might be the most evident of why we need to integrate Magento social login extension to web store. Besides promoting your brand, it will allow you to approach a higher volume of the audience that is more likely to purchase from you.

  1. Put more effort on conversion rate optimization

Earning money from customers is not the only aspect of conversion rate, you can layer different level of conversion rate into desired actions such as purchasing from you, subscribing newsletter, filling out form or any other.

Conversion rate optimization cannot be carried out just in a day, it is a process of ongoing practice of experiments and optimizing various aspects. Don't make all changes once, you won't find out where are your mistakes. Conducting A/B testing for the same is also an effective and evidence-based approach while finding out the best suitable solution for increasing conversions.

  1. SEO improvements

People tend to trust and open the first 5 to 6 URLs of a search result only. If your site ranking, at least, is in top 10, you can get more chances of customers to come and buy your products. Some suggestions for improving your SEO are focusing on website content, stuffing the viral keywords, link building, or using tools.

  1. Mobile experience

When the number of mobile devices users increase exponentially every year, our ecommerce industry will more and more depend on mobile apps. People nowadays prefer to do almost everything with simple taps from their mobile devices. Let it be paying a bill, booking a movie show or purchasing products online just with a mobile connected the Internet is the best companion for them.

  1. Building trust with user-generated content

What I mean here are reviews and testimonial. Audiences, nowadays, trust more on what other customers talk about products and service rather than hearing from providers. This formed a habit of reading reviews and feedbacks from former customers before making purchase. Therefore, nothing could be better than building the trust by providing reviews and ratings on website. I recommend both reviews by text and videos.

The final thoughts,

To run a web store is not too difficult task, it depends a lot on how you can take advantages of tools you have. You should find right approach and strategies, I believe your sale will be increased considerably.

Recommended items to build Magento webstore

Back to the annual event Imagine in Las Vegas that was held in April 2018, the atmosphere was so hot with the high consideration of all participants. A lot of speculations were given about the new features and functionalities the merchants could expect from its next release Magento 2.3. It can be said that since Adobe acquired Magento, it has been the first version release for the eCommerce platform and do you wonder what’s new in this version and how merchants can be beneficial? Let’s read this post:

  1. All-New Page Builder

If with the former versions, web owners still need to engage extensive coding practices to build a page but now, it becomes much easier thanks to easy drag-and-drop page builder functionality. This intuitive page builder will be released to the merchants as a beat for Magento 2.3, and as a full version in the subsequent patch releases 2.3.X. In 2016, Magento offered Bluefoot Page Builder but it could not be as great as drag-and-drop page builder because was only limited to some of the selected partners of Magento.

  1. GraphQL

In short, GraphQL is a query language used in API management to attain a smooth transfer of data. In new version of Magento, web owners can define the exact data and join a variety of data in a single request. Therefore, unlike SOAP/REST. GraphQL will help users to process single requests even within minor stacks and will display the exact information the user needs. No more processing the returned data, that’s so great!

  1. Google reCAPTCHA

The security will improve to the maximum with the free service of Google reCAPTCHA. This service will secure the following pages:

  • Login
  • Contact form
  • Forgot password
  • Register
  • Admin login
  1. Cache Management ACL

Magento cache management will now enhance and extend the Access Control List (ACL) and will provide merchants with the ability to define and control the cache-related actions. So as the result, users will achieve higher control over their eCommerce store.

  1. Multi-Stock Inventory

By using Magento 2.3 interface, users can link a variety of channels including the eCommerce stores, physical stores, marketplaces etc. So it would be easier to approach their customers through the closest store location of the shipping address. More convenient for both merchants and consumers.

  1. Support for PHP 7.2

PHP 7.2 is the newest PHP version and when Magento 2.3 compatible with PHP 7.2, it means that your website remains updated with the supported technologies and use the most recent language features. The update will additionally replace mcrypt with a more secured libsodium as its encryption technique.

  1. Progressive Web Applications

In order to support PWAs, Magento will launch its own PWA studio in Magento 2.3. this will ensure the website is fast, engaging and highly reliable.  This functionality will also encompass push notifications and offline compatibility, providing a much better overall performance.

Any merchants who want to take a piece of profit cake in trading all understand the power of information technology as well as the spread of the Internet. Most of them, at this time, own at least one online store as a way to maximize their sale revenues. However, not all of them can take advantages of online stores properly, that is an undeniable fact. The low conversion rate is the most obvious proof online merchants can observe. They almost forgot a very crucial component of an ecommerce business: online store usability and cannot make the purchasing process become simple and easy.

There are thousands of reasons for customers to leave your websites, one typical example is too complicated navigation. It will waste a lot of time for customers to learn how to use your website while many other websites with the same products are available for use. So that, don’t lose your competitive advantages due to these problems. To deal with troubles, you can find eCommerce usability guidelines online that can provide you the way to improve your store usability and get the lower abandonment rates.

Another common problem of almost websites is usability as mentioned above. A suggestion to find and resolve usability problems as well as reduce abandon rate is:

  1. Auditing Usability of Store to Detect Possible Flaws

In short, Magento usability audit means a detailed analysis of store’s usability that has no support from automation software, it will help users to overcome obstacles and explore all potential of online stores.

Usability audit measures both quantitative and qualitative data. Numerical data is collected mostly by Google Analytics to answer WH questions (who, what, when) but not why and how. To fulfill why and how questions, you need to use usability testing tools and methods.

Overall, combining numerical data with qualitative data measurements is actually important to draw the whole picture about users’ needs, detect possible flaws and compile a usability audit report.

  1. Implementing suggested changes

In case, too many issues exist, it is more feasible and effective if you create everything from scratch, incremental redesign strategy is usually highly appreciated to minimize risk, stimulate ROI and improve web stores continually.

Another recommendation is switching from carousel to an alternate way of showcasing important information on the homepage. One fact we want to mention is several merchants decide to have designers copied the model from successful competitors. Is that good? It’s up to you.

  1. A/B test – validating new design changes

A/b test, look quite simple but effective. When you hold enough data, conversion goals and design iterations can be set up. You should run an A/B or split test to find the most reasonable answer, going with the version A or version B. It is an experiment between different designs versions of the same page used to test potential improvements. The winner in the test will be applied without any hesitation.

Since Magento 2 version released in 2015, ecommerce web owners have migrated their websites to Magento 2 to leverage its state-of-the-art features and the benefits of an early-adopter. By improving all errors in old version and adding more powerful features, Magento 2 allows business owners to build powerful and compelling online experiences for their customers resulting in better sales.

Although a lot of websites have migrated successfully, I found they are not really mobile friendly, it’s like web owners forget mobile users even they are large businesses. So in this post, I will contribute some tips to improve the performance of Magento 2 for mobile users:

  1. Render Above the Fold Content

Above the fold content is what your customers will see first before scrolling down the webpage. The first impression is so important and keep in mind that you always optimize it follow these steps:

  • Postpone the Loading and Execution of JavaScript Code: the content on web page will appear faster if you postpone the loading and execution of the JS code. How can you do? Move all the code to the bottom of the page. Or other solution is using available Magento 2 extension to complete.
  • Isolate and Load Critical CSS First: The first thing is you need to identify which CSS is critical. Critical CSS should be a set of stylesheet and is only a portion of webshop’s CSS used to render the visible content. One recommendation for companies is composing a set of critical CSS for every page of the website, such as homepage, category, and checkout and inline it into the head section of respective pages.
  1. Minimize loading time
  • Compress The Web Pages With Gzip: Gzip will reduce the weight of the web page by 70% along with compressing the external scripts, fonts, CSS, and Java Scripts.
  • Use CSS/JS Minification Feature: this feature is not provided in Magento old version until Magento 2 has been released. Magento 2 has three running modes – default, developer, and production and CSS/JS minification only works on the production mode.

You go to backend first

Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer (this menu is visible only in developer mode).

To enable minification, set production mode in the following manner:

php bin/magento deploy:mode:set production

The above-mentioned command should be run in the SSH terminal within the Magento root folder. If a company wants to find out the current mode, they should run the following command:

php bin/magento deploy:mode:show

  1. Optimize the Product Images

Some websites upload really really large images and you might know that the amount of images in an ecommerce website is considerable. Therefore, make sure that any images you upload were already compressed.

  1. Make Faster and Secure Browsing With HTTP/2

Magento 2 is that it can co-exist with HTTP/2 out-of-the-box, but it will require prerequisites below:

  • Your e-store pages should be served via SSL.
  • Your hosting server should support HTTP/2.

The last words,

Over 80% of total online customers use mobile devices and this numbers will continue to increase in the following years. Thus, providing mobile-friendly website would be the key for a better shopping experience and better sale revenue.

Magento is known as one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world with over  250,000 online stores and now, half of them are using Magento 2 and the rest also plan to migrate. Why? In 2015, when Magento 2 version was first released, it seemed not to be a good idea since that was an unstable version with lots of bugs. However, everything has changed rapidly when it can bring a wide range of benefits from the cleaner admin interface, boosted website performance to the enhanced customer experience. Now, let’s see 4 impacts if you don’t migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2:

1. No support for current Magento 1 website from Magento officials

Have you ever heard about “Magento 1 end of life”? It mentions to the announcement of Magento that they would no longer offer support for Magento 1 three years after the release of Magento 2 (in November 2015). It means that in November 2018, Magento probably freezes its support system for Magento 1 stores. Users are not too surprised because they all understand that it would happen sooner or later. Since November 2018, Magento 1 web owners cannot report their problems support system, they have to use Magento support services instead.

2. No security patches and enhancements released

Magento developers, now, have been putting all effort on Magento 2 development, it is easy to see that most of new and exciting development and enhancements are for Magento 2 such as Amazon Pay, Vertex, Klarna Payments to improve the payment and checkout process and over 200 bugs fixes. However, what we see in Magento 1 version? Besides, some minor security issues were solved by Magento Patches for Magento 1, since Magento 1 “end-of-life” was announced, nothing was updated.

3. Less help from Magento community

If you are return visitor or active contributor of Magento Community, you will find that the amount of topics and threads about Magento 2 has been increasing day by day while we can just find a few topics about Magento 1 with few views and concern. Magento community is huge with over 300,000 users but now, they focus more on Magento 2 development and instead of posting a new question on the forum and easily get help from the Magento experts and regular contributors as before, you now have to figure out the issue and try to fix it yourself.

4. Stay behind your competitors

A lot of Magento web owners already upgraded their website to Magento 2 version or at least they had planned and were ready to do. With the new powerful features of Magento 2, web owners can attract more customers easily with great shopping experience including fresh responsive and mobile-friendly design, faster page load and checkout, and Ajax add-to-cart function. Thus, with so stagnant and boring Magento 1 website, how can you defeat your rivals.

Regardless of how many ecommerce platforms available in the market, Magento is still the most famous one. This a feature-rich platform and offers an unmatched flexibility to the users where they can manage the content, functionality, and layout of their eCommerce store. When version Magento 2 was released, it was like a storm. The reasons are:

1. Performance parameters enhancement

Magento 2 is an upgraded version that will reduce the load on the server and increases user interaction. Some major parameters that were already improved are:

  • Ajax cart: use JavaScript so consumers can add products to cart without reloading the entire page. Because it does not require to load on the hardware so no time for waiting and generate a more responsive experience for shoppers.

  • PHP 7: PHP 7 will provide enhanced performance and superior loading in comparison to the older PHP versions.

  • Cache: Varnish cache and HTTP accelerator are used for Magento 2 version so web owner can edit any product information without worrying about data conflict.

  • Hosting: Magento 2 was released with various new features and web owners can distribute the demand on your hosting infrastructure over multiple servers.

2. Simplify checkout process

I don’t talk about the website that already integrated Magento one step checkout extension, I focus on the default check out process of Magento 1 and Magento 2. With Magento 1, checkout process includes 6 steps for checkout method, billing information, shipping information, shipping method, shipping information, payment information and the order review. And one irritating thing is you can’t skip any steps in that process. Magento 2 only requires 2 steps for checkout process, one for shipping and the other for review and payment. It also allows a guest checkout option. This eradicates the need for login or registration and speeds up the process for users.

3. Index and Toolkit improvement

Magento 2 version will increase the query performance speed. In short, for any business owners, indexing is so important strategy that increases query processing speed and performance and transforms merchant data: Some improvement toolkit you can find in Magento 2 version:

  • Efficient backend operation

  • Faster delivery

  • More server response time for all website activities

  • Handle peak loads

  • Performance widgets to create test scripts

4. More highly compatible

With magento 2 version, it is so easy for you to integrate data, third party tools, web and cloud services without any conflict. Magento 2 also offers compatibility with the latest PHP frameworks like Zend and others. It also works well with major databases like Hadoop, Oracle and MySQL. Also, as Magento 2 has a jQuery library as its default JavaScript library, jQuery and Prototype conflicts don’t occur. Read more information about Magento 2 extensions, go to: https://mage2extensions.net/

Artificial Intelligence is not a strange term but it has been still so hot topic in recent years. Every industry seems to put a lot of effort on harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence as much as possible and open source solution is not exceptional. Day by day, AI technology has been pervasive to your life and make you rely on it more and more without aware of that fact. According to the Gartner, about 80% of the communications with the customers will not be human-mediated by the end of 2020. Likewise, by the end of 2018, digital assistants will recognize the faces and the voices of the customers.

In the world of open source solutions, Magento appears as the most utilized e-commerce CMS with roughly 19% of Alexa’s top 1 million e-commerce stores built on Magento. When AI is applied more in Magento, in the near future, the market share of Magento will be really huge. AI will offer customers the shopping experiences similar to in-store shopping when they are in their home. So, in detail, how Magento would change with the influences of AI, let read this post:

  • Incredible shopping experience: AI will allow web owners to do three right: right thing, right time and right person. For humans, this is difficult and next to impossible to analyze the behavior of the consumers based on their historical data and provide them with personalized assistance bit AI can.
  • Focus on Context-Based Search and visual search: Any websites were also built to connect consumers and sellers, help consumers find the products they want so AI-powered searches will enhance this to a great extent. The search bar is the first place where any consumer would go to on any site. Moreover, nowadays, search tool will not just allow you to enter text, the name of product, with AI, customers can search by images. You can take picture of product and upload to search bar to find similar products from the supplier. This will make searching extremely easy and nearly instant, especially when you don’t remember the name or don’t know what it is exactly called.
  • Virtual Purchase Assistance: This feature hasn’t released but I know that it will be sooner or later. Purchase assistant will be able to analyze and monitor e-commerce stores for upcoming deals, new products, and the best feature will be that they can even add products to the cart on your behalf and can even perform the checkout process.
  • Keep transactions away from Online Theft and Fraud: The use of AI for preventing your website from fraud is not strange and it is not something like the stuff of science fiction. AI solutions can be used to enhance security across a number of business sectors, including retail and financial. By tracing the steps of card usage and device or endpoint access, security specialists are more effectively linking points of compromise and preventing fraud. Organizations rely on AI to trace those steps by analyzing the behaviors of transactions and devices.

Read more news about Magento ecommerce in https://magentocommunity.com/

Usability of your website might be a supporter of your sale but if you do not design it properly, it will become a threaten. This article for Magento site, I will focus on how Magento extensions protect your website from usability issues:

1. Load time

Visitors, nowadays, are accustomed to fast web pages and I bet that they have no reason to stay on a slow website. Visitors are not such patient. From the beginning, I recommend you to choose a server that will be able to accommodate your website’s traffic and data needs. Stay away from the unnecessary animations and large images, the speed will be improved significantly.

2. Navigation

  • Make it easy to find: Never let customers get lost in the matrix of navigation, it will like you do not encourage them to make impulse buys and will likely discourage sales altogether. So, spend the time to categorize your merchandise and implement an efficient site-wide search function.
  • Consistent navigation: There is no certain standard for how navigation must be but it is recommended that links to next page or previous pages should be in the same place on all pages of your site and should be easy to recognize. Only add related products to that page and checkout process should be displayed in easy-to-see place, generally in the right-hand side.
  • Mega menu: it is the savior for your website, especially, it is the must-have item for medium and huge websites. The compulsory elements on menu would be Home, Contact us, Shopping cart, you can add anything more as your requirements.

Benefits of horizontal mega menu:

  • Majority of languages are read from left to right so a horizontal menu bar will be more efficient for visitors to read.
  • Horizontal menu converses more vertical space
  • Top navigations are easier to find because they are usually accompanied by the header and logo, both of which are visually dominant objects on the webpage.

Benefits of vertical mega menu:

  • Visitors tend to click on the next link to view a different page.
  • It will work really well for single page layout
  • While a vertical menu takes up the left side of your webpage, you gain vertical space for your content.

Refer:Magento Layered Navigation extension and Magento Mega menu extension, Magento Calendar Printing Website ThemeMagento frequently bought together extension

3. Checkout Process

  • Make the cart clear: What does clear mean? Cart icon should be highlighted and easy-to-be-seen enough. You can add shipping cost to inform customers but avoid adding some surprise cost related to processing, handling or tax, they do not belong here, they should be in checkout process, don’t annoy customers.
  • Keep it simple: this is an obvious point but I see many websites refuse to follow. Generally, a checkout process will include 5 or 6 separate pages and each page might contain the risk of customer leaving without completing sale. Never ask too much information if it is not really necessary. Checkbox is recommended item, it will help to fill automatically in shipping details when they match the same as the billing data. However, the most important is reducing multipage checkout to One Step checkout to ensure that everything in just one step, no more page to load, no more time to wait.
    Don’t require registration: Registration should never be compulsory when customers make a purchase, you only should encourage them to register by giving them some benefits.
  • Refer: Magento shipping cost calculator extension, Magento One step checkout extension

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