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About several recent years, Mega menu has no longer been the new phenomenon, the prediction of experts that mega menu will appear everywhere came true when you could see a lot of web owners apply mega menu for their site as the powerful weapon. So, Mega what? Mega why? This article will give you the answer as well as offer you the reason why you should choose Magento Mega menu extension with 7 styles mega menu.

Mega what?

With large websites, navigation is always the headache problem for any web designers because creating a hug sitemap like a menu containing links to every page is not a too difficult and complicated task but you cannot scan and grow increasingly large when more pages are added. Generally, designers will have two choices:

  • Using a small simple menu linking to page with additionally navigation. The advantages of this type of menu is quite easy to use and accessible but if you want to see more content, you will need to click a lot of times, quite time-consuming and inconvenient.
  • Mega menu or expanding menus that will allow visitors get the information they want at very short time no matter where they are.

Mega menu, why?

We can summarize that there are four main reasons for you to choose mega menu:

  • offering simple and expanding menus.
  • easy to use and less problems related to accessibility
  • appearing with beautiful and professional looking, it also stimulates the creativity of web designers.

Three reasons mentioned above, it may not be strong and convincing enough as the fourth that is Jakob Nielsen approves of mega menus. He supposed that it is an ideal tool and web designers should try it to improve the navigation.

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We just gave you the whole picture related to what is mega menu and why you should choose it. If you want to see more in detail, we will give you the example of Magento Mega Menu extension, a product from Netbase team on Cmsmart.

If you are seeking for a way to improve usability and navigation on your online store, Magento Mega Menu extension is exactly what you are looking for. This product enables both users and administrators to manage as well as display all kinds of information flexibly optimizing your website navigation performance. With old version, you can organize your products and categories in your own way but with this new version, you can do more than that. The most interesting thing is 7 styles of mega menu are provided, so amazing? Now, let's look at the benefits if you use this Magento extension:

  • Flexible Menu Layouts: there will be three way to view your menu: horizontal (showing all categories and your customers can choose any categories they want), vertical (all name categories are hidden in main Menu that makes your site neat and clean) or both of them
  • 7 styles off mega menu: Default category listing, Dynamic category listing, Static category listing, product grid, product listing, Dynamic product listing by category and Content.
  • Ultimate responsive: regardless of any devices your customers are using (desktop, tablet or smartphone), the experience on your site is still the same
  • Custom block: you can select where block is placed: top, center, bottom, left or right
  • Adding animation such as dynamic product listing or product grid
  • You can set Menu types or show ( not show) home link only apply for horizontal menu.

What we mentioned is just the part of product, there are still a lot of wonderful features waiting for you to explore!

Custom theme

Hi, I'm using a custom theme — how do I get the menu to appear on the site? Is there a code snippet I can use? Thanks!

The top menu is considered as key navigation on your website, you have to know your customers stay on the web page only 10-20s on average (NNGroup, 2011). Therefore shop owner can increase their business by changing the site menu. Because of the maximum volume of information needed, your potential clients can see what they want with the only click. The default Magento menu system not only basic but also lacks advanced functions, that’s why we produce Magento Mega Menu extension that can help you organize products and categories in an excellent way. Instead of spending a lot of time and effort in coding and designing your menu manually, now with Magento Mega Menu you have any kinds of menu templates to select, you can display your categories in a multi-column drop-down menu, show all products list by hovering over menu items make your customer find it very simple. Especially, creating and customizing menu items and menu bar with lots of features methinks never easier. Customers can see all products immediately and all information is available at the first time, save their huge time on shopping so customer satisfaction will increase your website and brand more popular.

If you want to know what amazing things that Magento Mega Menu can do. Here is the list of the most outstanding features:

  • First of all but most important is this Magento Mega Menu can be used for all Magento themes with just some clicks to integrate.
  • Flexible Menu Layouts. With this feature, shop owners can customize their sites with 3 options to view: Horizontal, Vertical or both of them. With Horizontal options, you will have an attractive menu to organize your products and categories, sub-categories.It will show all categories but you can choose any category which you like or not. With Vertical, all categories name will be hidden in the main menu to make your site neat and clean. Of course, you can choose both Horizontal and Vertical menu for your website to make it different than others.
  • 7 types of mega menu. You can select 1 of 7 amazing types to present your menu content which makes your website more interesting for customers: Dynamic Category Listing, Default Category Listing, Content, Static Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid and Dynamic Product Listing by Category
  • Select menu item position. You can arrange menu position items on top, left or both to make it suitable for your website
  • Clear mega menu structure. 4 statistic blogs on the menu is not only showing images but also arrange information neat and clear
  • Menu customizations/optimization. Admin user can show category/ sub-categories and arrange anything on menu easily as they want to display
  • Responsive. Customers can view it on phone, laptop, tablet or desktop without any problem on presentation
  • Color setting. With this function, you can make your website more colorful without technical knowledge. It allows you to change the factorial color in the drop-down menu in backends such as text menu color, text menu color when hover, background color when hover item or product name and product price color.
  • Product on menu/ add label to the product. In my opinion, if you want to improve your business your website have to become different than others. So, with this feature you can show any special things like the big sale, hot trend or latest products on the menu, furthermore, you can add labels to highlight products in Product Listing menu.

This just is some main features of Magento Mega Menu. Besides it has many others features such as: Add animation, custom block, setting number, category labels, the icon on category, subcategory, etc.

Included in them

I wanted to ask, a theme I purchased included Megamenu from Cmsart. It seems to be a partial extension. Does the full extension require purchase? If so, how is it to replace the Megamenu included with purchased theme?

Thank you

Questions about this extension

We would like to buy the Magento Megamenu extension, what is the fix price to buyout and use this extension for ever to our site? Is it up and working right now for magento or it will crash our site?

Use with multilanguage stores

I have a multilaguage Magento. One store view in english and one in french. How can I specify a static bloc for the french view and a different one for the english view? The attributes on "Manage Category" -> "Menu Top" looks "Global" instead of "Store view" scope. If I change the store view at left when I manage attribute, I can not specify a different static bloc.

Theme purchase

I am interested in purchasing not only the extension but also the theme of it. Could support team send me the purchase link of the template?

Thank you so much
Hi, I have a couple of questions.

1. Is this extension mobile responsive?
2. Do you guys offer a one day trail first. I need to be sure it works seamlessly with my existing site and other extensions before I purchase.

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