Magento Order Upload Extension

We have the extension "Dependent Custom Options" and need file upload for customers in the product page.
Key card available in the shop?
checkbox yes / no
if not: upload the key card
Does the extension "Order Upload Extension" work with "Dependent Custom Options"?
This question is important for the purchase.

thx from germany

You are in the printing business and have a lot of customers by introducing available products on your site where customer choose satisfied items. However, you are missing a huge of customers who want to print personal products which show their character as well as aspirations for a beloved person. There is a product supporting this task is Magento Order Upload extension – one of the function is indispensable for your printing shop online, it is available on Cmsmart marketplace.

The Magento Order Upload Extension is a useful tool for your site, especially printing site. The shop owner decides which product has this function - it means this tool is used for each product. Do you know all of the benefits as well as how to use Magento Order Upload Extension for the client? Let‘s take a look at bellow:

Magento Order Upload Extension is one part in printing solution combination with the user - friendly interface which is the factor very important in E-commerce website. The harmonious combination layout will make customers comfortable when visiting your website. Besides, technology is increasing daily which demand your website must be useful for customers, especially time because they always save time as much as possible. To adapt this requirement, Magento order upload extension has highly adaptive with all Magento 1 version and many devices. Your customers can upload their file by mobile as a useful and convenient device. The buyers only need one device that accessed the internet, that all for requesting an order. We beg that this product will bring satisfaction for your buyers.

After customers choose the product they want, they can choose other materials such as size, color, quantity,… so easily to see where they can upload the file they want. The uploading file is very simple with a pop-up window, it shows immediately without reloading as well as opening a new page. In the latest version, Magento Order Upload Extension comes with the variety of benefits, in which uploading multiple files at the same time is the most useful for whatever printing shop when the number of prints is too large. With this feature, your buyers will save the time of waiting and not need to refresh the pages when uploading. To integrate this function, we have used Ajax technology to make sure that your website will run smoothly and quickly.

Moreover, the shop owner can set up Magento Order Upload Extension on the checkout page. At here, the buyer can upload different files and add them to cart and check out at the same times. Buyers manage uploaded files easily through selecting options with a simple manipulation.

With Magento Order Upload Extension, it supports multiple file types like doc, docs, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, png, txt,...customers just need to upload their file. The buyer can make the description about the product they want or design template themselves after uploading images.  Just by a single click and few seconds of waiting, the customers will be totally satisfied with product returned.

Overall, Magento Order Upload Extension is useful for your printing shop, which brings more selection for customers order products without doing any hacks to your core Magento files.

Porto Theme

Is this extension portable with porto theme ?

Thank you

File Check for Print

Hello can you check de file resolution for print like 150dpi or can you check with pitstop preflight profiles?

minimum width and height

I would like to buy this extension, but I need to check minimum width and height (in pixel) for uploaded images.
Do you provide this functionality?

I test you extension on your demo site and I found that didn't work as I aspect: for example I choose item "labels", upload an image and put in the cart, then I choose same item "Labels", with different pages, put in the cart without upload any image but in the cart I saw both item with the same image uploaded! And if I remove image from one of them then is removed also for the other.

Dario L.
I use magento with Foris theme. Custom option upload file not working in this situation. But with default RWD theme work fine.
Is this extension can work with magento with Foris theme?
Can be that extansions is the solution for me and solve problem with file upload?

With kind regards,
does this twist the custom option upload? or is independent.
Could this handle a central gallery? I mean, I want to upload some images on the backend, and every user have the option to choose those, or upload a new one.

Does it work on mobile devices?

You describe the popup window as being Flash. Does that mean this is not compatible with iPads or iPhones?

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