Magento PrintMart Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package

How to improve your printing website

If you are building a website providing printing services, you may be interested in our article here today. Within the first part of the article, we want to suggest to you some tips to make improvements to your printing website.

  1. You can take advantage of a smart extension that was developed open source Magento solution for printing website companies, both the small printing outlet and a bigger one.
  2. Use some cheap price in comparison with other solution on the market at the beginning then make a comparison after spending more money on a new plan.
  3. For an online printing website, a simple and professional layout without cheesy colors is recommended. This brings convenience and fun experience for your customers.
  4. Shoppers can choose to see various samples of printing design and services like brochure printing, business card printing, and voucher printing with the exact size default. This makes printing products closer satisfies customer requirements, increasing customer satisfaction for the service you provide
  5. Let users have the ability to choose a different size, style, colors, paper materials...all print shop owner can put a price matrix to all of the combinations to give final printing cost for items.
  6. Let the shoppers have the ability to upload their designs to bind to each of product or with the order sent to services printer.
  7. Based on the graphic designs sent by a shopper to the printing services supplier, the supplier can charge based on the number of printed versions.
  8. Built a website with fully developed functions for you to manage your online store. If need anything else for your store, you do not have to hire any developers with a big cost, just buy extensions for your store. It is a smart investment.
  9. Fully responsive and mobile friendly version ready to go can help your website becomes more friendly for users. It helps your website display well on more popular devices.

Magento web to print Website Theme

Magento printing website themes is perfect web to print solution based on Magento open source with Order Image Upload and Price Matrix Extension for a printing company. It brings exactly functionsthat you are looking for.

  • Magento web to print Website Theme is fully responsive and mobile friendly. All versions for Magento 1.7, Magento 1.8, Magento 1.9, Magento 1.5 and Magento 1.6 are fully mobile supported version. And you buy it one time but use for both Magento 1 and Magento 2
  • You absolutely have the ability to install it easily and fast then it will work for you in a short time effectively.
  • Magento web to print Website Theme allows shoppers to see different samples and they can also use them as default. Samples are related to brochure printing, business card printing, and voucher printing.
  • Magento web to print Website Theme including many professional layouts with nice colors.

There many great features that can convince you at first try. You can read more and use the demo version available on the Cmsmart website


Here are the top 3 indispensable Magento 2 extensions if you want to build a successful printing website

Magento 2 One step checkout extension:

Inheriting the success of Magento One step checkout extension, this higher upgraded version of Magento 2 comes with more advanced features that promise to empower your printing site. With printing shop owner, this  Magento 2 one step checkout extension will reduce the required steps in default checkout process from two to just single step. All information of checkout process will be shown on that page, so convenient and professional in customers' eyes. If you need the proof, let's see how the conversion rate on your site is improved. That's will be the most convincing evident for strength of  Magento 2 One step checkout extension.

With clients, they can get all available payment methods and choose the one suitable to their condition. Right in checkout process, clients can edit the quantity without back to the former pages.

Outstanding feature list:

  • One step checkout
  • Google Suggest Auto-Fill
  • Quickly update mini cart
  • Ultimate responsive
  • Auto AJAX Updates
  • Support Various International Payment Methods
  • Discount Codes and Comment text box

Magento 2 order upload extension

This is the pride of Netbase team on Cmsmart marketplace because Magento 2 Order upload extension is being used by plenty of printing business. Magento 2 is always preferred by the convenience it brings to users and this Magento 2 extension is not the exception. All files will be managed in admin panel, so admin can easily create products as their customers' demands. Besides, shop owners are also enabled to customize options or set max file size. With clients, they can save a lot of golden time for uploading files on product pages because they can upload multiple files at the same time.

Outstanding feature list:

  • Upload files directly on the product details page at the same time
  • Setting max file size
  • Fully responsive
  • Support with all products
  • Files are managed in Order Management admin panel
  • Used as a custom Magento product field

Magento 2 mega menu extension

What will be the shortest way to navigate your customers to exactly what you want? The answer is Magento 2 mega menu extension. It will support you in improving usability by allowing you to organize products and categories in the smartest way. With shop owners, instead of coding and designing the menu manually, you can choose the suitable menu from a huge number of menu templates available. you can display your categories and sub-categories in a multi-column drop down menu; show all products list by hovering over menu items make your customer find it very simply. With clients, they can see all items of catalogs products and all information available immediately. Both of shop owner and users do not need to be developer, they still can manage all information which they want to display on mega menu.

Outstanding feature list:

  • Allow block for menu
  • 7 types of mega menu
  • Easy to install in custom theme
  • Ultimate responsive menu
  • Color setting
  • Optimize options with menu
  • Flexible menu with horizontal, vertical and both of them
  • Allow to set menu items position

What are real differences? Does it matter?

Of course, these two methods cannot be the same, but there are still some people who said that printing is just the printing. No, not exactly. Let's look at two printing methods to get more details in terms of their differences to choose which will be the best choice for your next printing method. In this article, we will bring you the comparison as well as how Magento web to print benefits your business

Offset printing

Plates, which are usually made from aluminum, are used to transfer images required into a rubber blanket, then that image will be rolled in the paper. The reason why this method is called OFFSET PRINTING is that we do not transfer ink directly into paper. With orders that require huge quantity, accurate color and clean professional looking printing, offset printing is always the priority.


  • Printing for huge amount
  • The more you print, the cheaper price for each item
  • A large variety of paper types with custom finishes
  • Custom ink available such as such as metallic or Pantone colors
  • High printing quality, so great detail and color fidelity

Digital Printing

Unlike offset printing, plates are not used in digital printing, it uses liquid ink. The strength of digital printing is shown when low quantities are required, for example when customers order only 20 greeting cards or 50 flyers. Moreover, variable data capability is also a benefit of digital printing, which can be served by offset printing. If you are small and medium business or you usually serve orders that do not exceed the number of 500, digital printing is always the ideal choice for you.


  • Lower setup costs
  • only printing required amount
  • Lower minimum quantities
  • inexpensive black and white printing
  • Variable data capability

Whether Digital printing is suitable to your business and how Magento web to print benefits you?

It is undeniable that both methods are useful and have their own strengths depending closely on your project's requirements. If the amount reach the number of hundreds or thousands or orders require a specific, brand-centric Pantone color, we highly recommend you to choose offset printing. In case you work for smaller amount such as 100 pieces or the need for individual addresses, digital printing is the way to go. And if you choose digital printing, we suggest you to build your website with Magento web to print, a Magento template from Netbase team on Cmsmart. Let's see the benefits it bring to your site:

  • User-friendly interface: we are confident to affirm that your site will run at high speed and fully responsive
  • Ultimate responsive: there is no limitation for visitors who use difference devices, they can have the best experience on your site.
  • 10+ homepage layouts: with Online Design package for your printing company, you can control the theme, custom as many layouts as you wish.
  • Order upload: it is actually important extension that enables your customers to upload their own images to have product follow their styles.
  • Exclusive admin panel: You can custom color for header, footer, main menu, etc freely as you wish
  • Price matrix (you should buy it at price $79.99): it not only save time for your customers but also serves the printing providers on giving the best choice.
  • Many more benefits of Magento web to print theme are waiting for you to explore

European Regulations for Onlineshops

Is the W2Print solution conform to the european regulatios for Onlineshops. Like double opt out, confirming termes of trade etc. or do i need some customisation?

Or have you done some projects for european Shops?

Building a complete website is not just need host, domain and theme, they are just the raw part for a website, you have to decorate it, make it run smoothly and customers could be satisfied with what you provide. One aspect you should never ignore is web navigation. The reason why we called Magento web to print package from Cmsmart by Complete package is that it is developed to solve all problems related to web navigation as follow:

1. Magento 2 Mega menu

When Magento 2 mega menu is integrated into Magento 2 web to print, it will give web-store owners ability to manage and display all types of information flexibly, optimizing website navigation performance. When developing mega menu feature, we require it to satisfy the requirements as below:

  • Remove the transparent background.
  • Realign the drop-down options in a vertical layout, presenting pages in a more logical and easy-to-follow stream.
  • Improve the mobile responsiveness of the menu.

2. Magento 2 Layered navigation

Layered Navigation is an efficient way to navigate through content on eCommerce websites. Basically, this functionality enables shoppers to narrow down product catalog search results and adjust them according to various criteria.

All that shoppers need to do is to configure a combination of filters on the left (less often right)-side layered navigation menu.

The system quickly filters out the desired product category, required brands, colors, and shapes. Also, using this feature, it’s possible to set a preferable price range and surface all products that are in this price tier.

3. Embrace social Sharing buttons

In Magento 2 web to print package, the social sharing buttons are placed at the top or bottom of your websites will mean as a critical promotional and advertorial. Include social sharing buttons on every appropriate website page, ensuring that visitors like, tweet, and share even the most innocuous website content.

4. Focus on Mobile-friendly design

The mobile-responsive design is no longer just a wave of future, it has drowned out the shopping habits in the past, it makes Google have to change the algorism and penalize the sites appearing without the mobile-responsive interface. That’s the reason why Magento 2 web to print package always comes with ultimate responsive navigation design. Your customers will never be confused on how to navigate. You might think it is not a big problem but we understand that this is not such an issue on the desktop however once you’re viewing a menu like this on mobile the navigation can become a little confusing and anything affects UX, we will immediately eliminate.

You can read more articles about Magento themes in website: https://magentothemesfree.net

If you spend some time to look around the industry you are taking part in, you will find that the business market is greatly contending. Printing industry is not exceptional. To survive and make yourself bright, it is so important to define your brand in customers’ mind. Of course, it will never go so easy. It is a practically extensive process. So how you can do?

In this digital era, technology will help people deal with every problem. With Magento web to print package, we provide CRM system. Besides tracking, CRM system would be a savior if you want to bốt your business brand, check the list below:

1. Distinguish your brand

I believe that anyone who is a part of any industries all understands that if you not capable enough to serve something extraordinary, something exceptional to your clients, it means your business will die or enduring in the contending business market turns out to be extremely difficult. I’m not kidding.

The only solution to this problem is for any products and services you offer customers, make sure that you are putting it with the privilege personalized feel. How should we do?

I will focus on printing only. Magento web to print comes with CRM so you can gain the overview as well as itemized knowledge into every client, so classifying and grouping customers will become much easier. All strategies for personalization need to start from CRM.

2. CRM renders consistency

To keep your brand be stable and stay long, we cannot ignore the consistency. That’s the reason why we have CRM in Magento web to print package. Just think that you will promote your brand via a variety of platforms and channels, if for each channel, your brand is published and presented differently, who can trust you? Any little amount of divergence in the reality can hinder the brand esteem. That’s real. Nothing could be better than CRM in tracking all sort of communications between the clients and your business.

3. Support to build brand

There are a lot of factors to build your brand but CRM will be one of the most powerful supporters. Regardless of how big your business is, the clients are the most imperative part of any business to end up noticeably effective, to thrive. Your company can only develop if you can bond with clients better. Moreover, don’t just try to focus on find more new customers, let’s spend time to build for your own a group of loyal customers.

CRM in Magento web to print package can provide you a superior review of client’s tendency, it becomes obvious for you to connect with the clients. You can spontaneously offer them an answer to their complex questions. Only when you satisfy customers, does reliability rate hike alongside the brand estimation of your business.

The final words…

More than a normal digital printing web store, we want to offer you an actually professional business that has enough data for all strategies, that’s the reason why Magento web to print package has CRM system. Now, it’s time to change your business and go on the way of progress securing your brand image and esteem in the market.

If you want to read more topics of printing industry, go to : https://web2print.solutions

Providing a full solution for printing businesses all over the world is the strength of Cmsmart. From the first time released, until now, Cmsmart has served 1200+ happy clients from 50+ countries and among them there are 800+printing businesses. Catching up with the technology trend, recently, Cmsmart has released Magento web to print package for customers who desire to build website on Magento 2. So, let's see which Magento 2 extensions do we have in this printing solution:

1. Sale and marketing: Magento 2 call for price

Not all the time business owners want to make the price of products public. The reasons are a lot: the product is not available at that time, or you charge a different price for different customers or quantity instead of setting a certain price. That's when Magento 2 call for price extension is used. Let's check how it works:

  • Replace "Add to cart" button by "Call for price" button as image

  • This feature can be applied for both single product page and category pages

  • It can be applied to all product types
  • Collect customers' data via popup: when visitors click on Call for price button, there will be a popup appears with the blank for information such as Name, Email, Address, Phone, Message and tick on "Security check" (if available). Then, click on Send Email and shop owners will reply you after that.

  • Hide price from particular customer groups

2. Printing feature: Magento online design

Online printing business, of course, can never lack online design tools. Let's see what you can do with magento online design:

  • Manage design and order in the backend
  • Ultimate responsive
  • Turn on / Turn off function in Main Menu in the backend to fit your requirements.

  • If you don't have desktop or laptop, just smartphone is enough, let's design on smartphone.

  • Helpdesk with full tools for designing

3. Data management: Magento Vtiger syncing

Every business will have some level of concern for the synchronization of its data. Data synchronization has been a growing business concern due to increased use of mobile devices, which require synchronization of users’ personal data such as email and any operational data they may use. Magento Vtiger syncing will prevent your printing website from data conflicts, which can result in errors and low-quality, low-trust data. Synchronized, trustworthy data is essential for security, compliance, and a wide variety of operational functions. Organizations that can trust the quality of their data will enjoy higher performance, reputation, and cost-efficiency.

  • Instantly synchronizing data from Magento site to Vtiger CRM
  • Sync Vtiger Customers

  • Sync Vtiger Sales Orders

  • Sync Vtiger Products

  • Support 2 syncing methods: Auto syncing and Manual syncing

System operation:Magento multi vendor

Developing Magento web to print package as marketplace is an actually great idea from Cmsmart. The success of marketplace model is undeniable and if you worry that this model is too big and hard to control, let's see which tools available in Magento 2 web to print package for you to manage all fields in website:

  • Each seller has a separate interface
  • 3 unique landing page

  • Flexible Commission Management
  • Product, Seller/Vendor Notification Email
  • Seller / Vendor Dashboard Management
  • Seller Order Management
  • Seller Transaction Report
  • Sales Report Management
  • Marketplace Management by Admin

If you want to read more topic about magento themes, clcik on this link: https://magentothemesfree.net/

Magento 2.0

Whe are interested to buy the Magento Printing Website Theme Integrated Online Design Package. Can you tell us when this shop avalible is for Magento 2.0?

Example client portfolio

Hi, Could you please share some examples of active websites that were built using this "Magento Printing Theme"?
Thank you.
I'm a developer, I'm interested to buy Print Shop magento solution. I have a query about the pricing thing. I want a one time price not a renewal price for every 3 months, is there a one time price that i can pay and get the files and can integrate it on my own? Also in this case what will be the support?

Printshop queries

I have few queries for printshop magento/wordpress themes.

1. Does full solution printshop (magento or wordpress) supports multivendors (for marketplace implementation)?
2. Does this solution have online designer built in?
3. Is there a seller rating system (for marketplace) built in?

Can I see a live demo for printshop offered as marketplace with full extensions support?


Web to Print Questions

Hi team,

Q1. Is Web to Print extension available for Magenton 2?
Q2. M2 Multivendor includes Web to Print module?

As a developer, interested to buy the Magento Printing theme (auto renewal) with all three Extension viz. Price Matrix, Delivery Date and Color Swatch;

(1) Customer History: Most of the customer repeat their order after six months or so. Does the theme includes the with the said function or requires extension.

(2) Affiliate or referral program: For the business promotion, affiliation program and also referral programs required in the theme with customization. As I can see your website also give points after login. If extension required what will be cost.

(3) As I can check your package with 3 extension cost $ 639.25. But In the discussion somewhere you have mentioned total cost of the package as $79. I am confused please clarify. My email id is: gufranchorghay@gmail.com


About the extensions

Does the standard license include the following extensions?
Magento Price Matrix Extension
Magento Delivery Date Extension
Magento Color Swatch Extension With Zoom

or I have to buy them separately?

What is the difference between Auto renewal & Standard Payment?

Backend Demo

I would like the purchase this theme but I would like to understand its backend functionality more. Is it possible to see the backend of a demo?

Roland European Regulations for Onlineshops
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Gerjan Magento 2.0
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