Mega Menu Extension for Magento 2

On any website, Top menu is the most essential function. There are categories of products and services as well as contact information on it. Do you know how long customers stay on web pages? Surprisingly, it’s only 10-20s on average (NNGroup, 2011). Therefore, a creative and scientific top menu is important to impress any customers. So, the main menu is the most important part of any website, especially an e-commerce website. It is expected to include all necessary information and steer the users to main pages on the website, more than that, all categories or content can be displayed easily by hover over.

If you want to improve your e-Commerce site usability and navigation with the most professional menu display, Mega Menu for Magento 2 is exactly what you need. No technical knowledge required! You can manage effortlessly all the information which you want to show on the main navigation of a Magento website such as categories, products, text contents, images, forms...

Are you curious about the benefits Mega menu for Magento 2 can bring, here is the list of the most outstanding features:

  • Firstly, our advanced mega menu extension can be used for all Magento themes, it will be integrated in an easy way with just some few clicks.

  • Flexible Menu Layouts. With our Mega menu for Magento 2, you can view your menu with 3 options: Horizontal, Vertical or both of them. If you want horizontal style, our extension has an attractive horizontal menu to organize your categories, sub-categories with an easy way, it shows all categories and you can choose any category that you like. Besides, Vertical menu is a new function for the mega menu, categories name are hidden in the main menu that makes your site neat and clean.

  • 7 types of mega menu. You can select 7 amazing types to present your menu content that makes your website more attractive in customers view: Default Category Listing, Dynamic Category Listing, Static Category Listing, Product Grid, Product Listing, Dynamic.

  • Select the menu item position. You can arrange the position of menu items on top, left or both that suitable for your website

  • Color setting. With this function, you can customize your website without technical knowledge. It gives you an easy way to change the element color in right dropdown menu in backends such as background color when hover item, text menu color, text menu color when hover, product name, and product price color.

  • Responsive. Of course at this age our product is suitable for all devices, customers can view it on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphones without any problem on presentation.

  • Customize and optimize menu. Admin can add, edit and delete category or menu items, besides, they can arrange anything on the menu with just a few clicks and choose what they want to display. It means that you can do whatever you want with your website to make it suitable for your customers.

  • Setting number. With 4 types of menu: product listing, static category listing, product grid and dynamic product listing by category, you cannot set number of columns to display in the drop down menu but you can set it with the rest

  • Custom block. You can display custom block in menu content types such as default category listing, static category listing, product listing, and content. Especially, you can create custom block right in menu content type setting area side, after that option to hide or show blocks.

  • The product on the menu/ Label for product/ Add to cart button in the menu. With this amazing function you can show some special products like Hot, New or Sale on your menu, beside it we give you function that can add labels to highlight products in the product listing menu. Especially, you can add this product to cart by “add to cart” button. So, your customers will be attracted right at first sight.

Those are just some main features of Mega menu for Magento 2. Besides, our product also comes some other features like Add animation, category labels, configure mega menu from the admin panel, an icon on category, subcategory, max6 submenus…

The reason why mega menu is preferred by most of the business owners and consumers is it could enhance usability. In this article, from the very subjective point of view, I will give you the usability advantages of mega menu in general and why Magento 2 Mega menu is the best choice for your e-commerce site.

Usability advantages of mega menu:

There are three outstanding points:

  • All options visible: If you visit some old websites, you will see that they still use traditional dropdown menu. The weakness of this kind of menu is hiding almost all options. If customers want to see, they have to hover the parent category. Hovering over many parent items to find an item, your customers will be crazy and leave immediately because of this frustration, especially if they do not keep the cursor and dropdown menu disappears, so terrible! With mega menu, that problem will be solved.
  • Organizing options: Mega menu will help re-organize your visual options into very friendly and logical groups. If you use traditional menu, it will be actually dizzying if the numbers of options on your site are too large.
  • Images and icons : Generally, mega menu comes with the icons that will quickly confirm for the visitor about the content of options, for example, Contact category will be illustrated by telephone or address book icon.

So, you may gain the overview about usability advantages of mega menu. But it is just very overall view, in the rest of article, I will show you why Magento 2 mega menu is the must have Magento 2 extensions for your eCommerce website:

It can be said that Magento 2 Mega menu is the pride of Netbase developer team. With all the effort and enthusiasm, they released this product to bring your site perfect menu, save times for both shop owners and consumers as well as optimize your site's UX. Here is the list of the most outstanding features of this Magento 2 extension:

  • Flexible menu layouts: There are three types of menu for you to choose: Horizontal, Vertical and both horizontal and Vertical.
  • 7 styles of menu content will be provided and your site will look actually awesome with those style
  • Block menu is allowed: it means that you can display custom block in menu content type depending on your demands such as static category listing, product listing and content or if you don’t like those types, you can create custom block right in menu content type setting area.
  • Easy to install in custom theme
  • Ultimate responsive menu: No matter if you use desktop or smart devices, all of them can bring you great experience
  • Color setting: In backend, you can change the element color in right dropdown menu easily.
  • Optimize options with menu: This Magento 2 Mega menu allows admin to arrange anything on menu just by some clicks to choose
  • Customize menu item Admin can arrange menu in his/her own style by adding, editing or deleting menu items
  • Config mega menu from admin panel: You can set Menu types or show (not show) home link only apply for horizontal menu.

ADA Accessibility

Is the new version of the Mega Menu ADA Accessible? i.e. can it be navigated via the keyboard?


With a digital printing website, the website design and navigation should be flawless because even one mistake can cost you heavily. The main functions of navigation on printing website are:

  • Informing visitors about where they are
  • Allowing users go somewhere else easily

In this article, we will focus on how Magento 2 mega menu extension helps you to create perfect web navigation. Here we go:

1. Follow KISS principle

KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE! Yup, always remind yourself. The trend these days is to be very selective as a navigation with a huge text is a super flop idea that can do more harm than benefits. However, users might be confused that if a mega menu is too simple, will it provide enough function? Don’t worry, Magento 2 mega menu extension packs the complex things in simple packing that looks more appealing. This extension ensures that the navigation is easy to understand for a user regardless of that website is for retailer or marketplace model. Our purpose when creating Magento 2 mega menu is making navigation simple and powerful enough to drive the customers to the respective product.

2. Responsive navigation

Responsive in navigation will bring you the higher level of professional web owner. Based on the rules of the flexibility of layouts, images, and the main aim is to build web pages that can detect the visitor’s screen size and change the layout accordingly, our Magento 2 mega menu was released with so strongly responsive design. We understand that the giant Google has been rating the sites at a higher range if they are mobile friendly, so responsive design is always prioritized.

3. Friendly language or multi-languages

That customers can use your mega menu or not will depend a lot on the language used. Although English is the standard, not all people can use it, the language used should be familiar to the user to get the most benefits. That’s the reason why Magento 2 mega menu comes with multi languages supported. We want customers to feel comfortable when they use mother tongue while visiting the website.

4. Orientation

Horizontal navigation seems to be more balanced, also easy to place while today vertical navigation is much more popular especially on e-commerce sites as it helps a person to finds products/services easily in a catalog and avoids much clutter. Magento 2 mega menu offers you three solutions: horizontal menu, vertical menu, and the mix of horizontal and vertical. Let’s make your web navigation be like a clear map that drives the users towards internal pages to explore your website.

5. Stay consistent

The consistency will build the trust among your visitors. Magento 2 mega menu follow the rules for consistent navigation that are nice and clean navigation and all items on the menu are linked to internal pages they meant to be. We also add secondary navigation and it also follows the rule applied before because regardless of anything you create, the final purpose is still improving UX.

The last words,

Magento 2 mega menu extension makes your web navigation become user-friendly and convenient. Regardless of which industry do you belong to, navigation still plays an important role in improving UX.

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