Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension

show only photos of one color when page load


i want to know if i can show only 2 photos by color, for example:

When page load (Main color): 2 photos.
if user select red color: 2 photos
if user select green color: 2 photos
if user select pink color: 2 photos

I dont want show 8 photos when page load.


presale question


It interests me Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension. I see demo page .....
1) Can color change be faster? (This is slow - it's a bit of a customer experience)
2) Can I have 25-30 colors for one product?
3) Can I see on the demo page how the product works with 25 colors as fast as it can? (Normal size and image quality)

Have nice day

Hi there,

Can I still click an image in my products detail view (to view in fullscreen mode), if I'm using the hover over zoom option on your plugin. Or does the 'color-swatch' (on an image) just use the hover over effect when using this option?

Many Thanks

May I know how will color swatch display in category grid view when one product has more than 10 color choice?
Will it overflow to outside of the area of product image like this?

Is there a demo of this scenario that I can see before buying?

I'm interested to buy this product but worried about the display issue.

Thank you.

Color Swatch


Can we test or try it before buy this product?

Or we have to buy it for testing?

Thank you for your answers!

László Kun

Horizontal problem

Please do reply my ticket. I have paid for this extension and I need to publish it on website as soon as possible. The horizontal setting didn't work! The color setting also didn't work!

Horizontal problem


I have submit ticket..but didn't receive any response from you. I have a problem with the horizontal setting. The horizontal doesn't work. It show vertical only. Please response as soon as possible.

Tooltip as a liter price

Hello. I havent bought the script yet, and i want to investigate, if there is a way to display the tooltip as a price for liter? I am planing to open a perfume shop and there are different size bottles for every perfume and its a law here to display the price of liter too. So if there is multiple sizes bottles, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml, i can use your component to display them correctly, but the price of liter changes also with different bottle size. So i thought if there is a way to display the tooltip what i plan to use as a field of liter price under the perfume price?

Color Swatch

Hello how the field size? Is the plugin is compatible with Joomla 3.4.8 and Virtuemart 3.0.14? Sorry for my English.
I want to purchase this great extension but my question is this:
Can color swatch be integrated with custom filters pro?
I mean, When i choose Red color in custom filter, the products that are marked as Red with color swatch, Appears in search result page.
Hi, trying to understand how this plugin works before purchasing. Would I need to have product images of all the colors that I would like to display and upload all those to the site before using this extension? Or do I just upload one image with a base color (e.g. white) and the extension will be able to show that same product in say blue, red and green?

I have a question regarding your plugin "Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension".

I want to buy it but I am not sure about all details.

I have a working website with the virtuemart template:


Now, can i implement this extension on this template and don't mess up with the working website? The template has customized virtuemart stuff so I'm not sure how it's going to work?

Is there any way to test it before i buy or are you sure it will work?

I'm already late with this integrating this future so i need to add this future as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Dosent work correct

we have bought the plugin, but most of the features doesnt work:

- show pic horizontal/vertical
- attribute for cart


Ivan logvinov

I bought plugin on Joomla 3 Virtuemart, but it doesn't work correct. It always showing errors and dublicates. Just on the next day after I bought this plaging came out th update, but...I can't download it now...When I try to do it, only old version is downloading. How I can download this update?

I bought: Virtuemart Color Swatch 2.0
I need: Virtuemart Color Swatch 3.0

hi, i am interested in the virtumart extension Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension. is this extension avaible for virtuemart 2.2?

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