One page checkout for Virtuemart

How can i add buttons + - to change quantity of products in checkout in file default_orderinfo?
Hiya, my current website uses virtuemart with eway payment gateway. will that still be supported by OPC? cheers
Hi, I just bought your plugin along with a UPS plugin from Alatek. The UPS plugin works with the standard checkout, but when the One Page Checkout is enabled, I can see but can't select any of the UPS options; only the default shipping options work. I think it has something to do with the AJAX refresh, which seems to wipe away the UPS selection.

I also seem be getting credit card errors with a payment plugin that I added, and these don't happen in the normal checkout layout.

Delivery address

Hi, can this component display a list of a user's delivery addresses as well as virtuemart in its original version?

Is it possible to configure payment methods based on shipping method?

Example: Shipping method is displayed (available) only when payment method is selected

Before I buy this product I would like to know if it supports the following:
Hide fields username and name (Displayed Name)?
Correspondingly, it can copy into the hidden fields: username=email and name=first_name+last_name?

Thank you and best regards.
your product one page check out for Virtumart seems to be the product I search but I've a simple question :
may I delete some field in cart (for example, i'd like to delete discount fields)
best regards

Does OPC update

Does the latest version of one page checkout trigger the joomla system messages/warnings/notices with every AJAX Call? If not, is it possible to be done without extra charge, in case I renew my subscription?

Have a nice day
Is it possible to disable payment method to selected delivery? For example - Cash on Delivery will be available only to 1 shipment method, or there will be diffrent price for second delivery method.

Change Time Format

Can you please tell me how to change the time format from 24 hour to 12 hour? Someone had done it for me, but the site had to be reformatted and I lost the changes. Please let me know step by step and what files to edit. Thank you!

April Pastis

Extension: One page checkout for Virtuemart v. 5.20
Joomla: 3.6.4
Virtuemart v. 3.0.18

Language settings

I am interested in buying one of its extensions "One page checkout for Virtuemart"
on details of language translation just says

Translated automatically into popular languages and regions of buying frequency like: English, French, German, Poland, Portuguese

I wonder if also transltated into spanish, only that detail is what stops me buying or not your product,
if they could answer as soon as possible please.
Can one in this component to a delivery assign a specific payment?
So when the customer a certain delivery service then selects only a certain payment appears?
In Rupos Tel opc the function is:
"Disable a payment method per shipping method"
(Translated into Google from German to English)

I have already a version of this extension when buy your cms Printmart... but One page check out don't work. A member of your support tell me is because of updating joomla and virtuemart to latest version and i shall update too the One page check out. Tell how can make the update? Am i oblige to purchase the new wersion ?

3.6 support

Is this extension compatible with Joomla! 3.6.2 and VirtueMart 3.0.18?

Support is taking to long

How long does it take for your support to answer something... it's taking too long.

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