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question about functionality

Hello, I need an extension that will allow the client to upload pdf file when finalizing the order in VirtueMart 2.6.22. Will your plugin do the job? I would also like to ask is it possible to attach uploaded files to the email that is automatically send by Virtuemart to the shop owner after completing the checkout? If not will the shop administrator / owner recieve some kind of information that there is file that was uploaded by a client - in the email that is send to him after the checkout is done? Regards Bartek
Dear Support,
I'm making a product customizator with breakdesign's product builder, however I would need your file upload option also. I tried another file upload plugin, but it was not working due to incompatibility and multiple issues with product builder. My question: If I buy your product, but cannot use it due to incompatibility, may I get a refund? I think it worth a try, but I don't want to risk the price if not working and I cannot use it on my website. Thanks, and waiting for your answer!
i want to have a bundle product with several different subproducts. Does this plugin allow the user to upload every
different subproduct's photo in the single bundle product page?
What i wanted to achieve before i bought your item was that i could have this item as part of the addtocart form.
Your plugin is just the same as the old one.
What is the idea behind the onContentBeforeDisplay hook?
This makes the plugin being showed in the bottom always.

Force upload before put in cart

Hi guys
I've taken over maintaining a site that used to be VM 2.x site and have rewritten the old photoupload plugin so that it works in VM3. Unfortunately this is really hacked but it works as intent. When VM3 came out i could not find this plugin. now. I need to know if it is possible to generate
1) PDF frontpage preview (if filetype pdf is allowed)
2) force users to upload BEFORE they can put stuff in cart
3) Is the plugin required to be in the layout position addtocart or can i put it in my own layout position(potentially outside the product

CMS version


Is this plugin compatible with Joomla 3.6.5 and Virtuemart 3.0.18.x

Presale questions


i didn't clearly understand how works the plugin, could you please explain some things?

Our website provide medical consultations (from the side of VirtueMart component the consultation is the item) and we need a possibility or method to upload files by customer on the checkout step.

On our website it looks like that: http://joxi.net/Drlan40IjZJJmP
I understand, that it requires additional development, but it’s important to attach files on the checkout steps, not on the detailed product page. We don't need this buttins here: http://joxi.net/KAxeO4LTj5Ylr8 , but only on checkout step

So my questions:

1. Does your plugin works on the multiple checkout steps? (VM settings: One Page Checkout enabled - NO; Show checkout steps - YES;)
2. As far as i understood from your video-tutorial, the file upload available only after user authorisation: http://joxi.net/8AnXveqikJnemO
I don't see this field on your demo web-site: http://joxi.net/5mdk8JqtLz6Lr1 Where is it? Is it available only after login?
3. I check your other demo-link and it looks great: http://joxi.net/krDpNXMCXj3Rrp
But i don't see the file upload on the checkout step again: http://joxi.net/v29QZ6piwyLz2G
4. Is it possible to remove

So, is it possible to add this field on the checkout step? I mean here: http://joxi.net/5mdk8JqtLz6Lr1


translate the buttons

I have your plugin for a while, but I accepted the english language too long, because I have no support anymore. But please tell me where can I translate the button texts as Ad files... Upload, Cancel, Delete. I cannot find the right file to do this. Thank you so much in advance.

Presale Question

do you have a correct working demosite? The first you can upload and put in cart, but dont show the uploaded files. In the second demo it dont put the product in the cart.

I need such a plugin but if it dont run correct on your site it probably dont run on my site.


File size uploads

We run a photo print site and need an uploader for customes to send us their photo's for printing. Is your plugin suitable for that and what is the maximum file size a customer can upload


Before I buy your extension I would like to ask if your plugin works without problems with vmonepage plugin which I use on my site.

Thank you

Download pictures

1) If the client load, for example, 100 photos, can I download them all in one click (from the administrative part of the site)?
2) These pictures are attached to a particular order?
3) I can see some where photos and\or a description of the administrative part of the expansion?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Doubts Before I Buy

I would like to solve some doubts before I purchase this plugin.
As a site which sells photography items, one important feature would be to sell photo processing. For that to work I would need to have at least features which allow me to decide a maximum number of uploads per product, and allow additional uploads for a fixed price. Is this possible?
Is there a way to criticize the quality (resolution) of the image being uploaded?

How can i know it works no my site


How can i know the plugin works no my site?
I bought another plugin and didn't work....many problems to get the money back...

I need to make sure it works before you buy!

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